Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Freedom Innovation's Kinterra foot/ankle system review

I became in amputee in March of 2015 and received my prosthesis in May. My insurance company and the doctor rated me between a K3 and K4 for fitness level and decided that this foot ankle system would give me the best overall motion and ability to ambulate safely. 

As I don't have much experience with different feet and ankle systems other than what I have read and watched on YouTube, I may not be the best to take advice on here. However I would like to drop off my two cents worth on this wonderful foot and ankle system.

The Kinterra Freedom foot and ankle system allows for motion that rivals that of a real foot. With the exception of lateral movement of the ankle, which would allow for rotation of the foot. I like to golf and am having difficulty rotating through my swing. Overall it is very easy to walk on comfortably. My stump is still pretty tender and the socket is still a bit loose in places, but the actual foot and ankle perform exactly like I remember my "meat" foot did. 

The actual adjustment is so simple a kindergartner could do it. There is an adjustment wheel for plantar and dorsal flexion is an easy way to adjust for the type of ground you are on. I usually run mine at about half resistance, This is the only adjustment that I have made to the foot since I received it. Here are some of the statisitcs for the Kinterra's system:

Kinterra’s articulating ankle delivers:
  • Increased ground contact and a more symmetrical gait
  • Improved stability and safety, especially on slopes and varied terrain
  • Reduced socket pressures for healthier residual limbs
  • Enhanced comfort while sitting and squatting
  • User confidence and satisfaction

Range of Ankle Motion: 12 degrees 
Sizes: 22-31cm  (Sandal toe option available sizes 22-28cm)
 Build Height (averages): 120mm (4.3″) 25cm User Weight Rating: 275 lbs. (125kg)
Product Weight (averages): 795g (25cm including foot shell) 
Stiffness Categories: 7 (low & moderate impact) Heel Height:3/8″ (10 mm) 
Warranty: 36-months (shell 6 months) - 

See more at: http://www.freedom-innovations.com/kinterra/#sthash.mcysLklL.dpuf

They also have a good video on the system that I found

My viewpoint is that this is a great system to put someone who is relatively active but does not run or do any sort of high impact sport. I use mine for light hiking, fishing and general use. I had little to no trouble adapting to the way it functioned. I plan on using it for quite a while into the future 

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