Thursday, July 16, 2015

LifeTrak Core C200 Fitness Tracker

Since my amputation I have decided that I wanted to not only be more active, but to track my activity levels for each day and keep track of any discomfort or pain. I have been looking at different activity trackers that are available and decided to start out with a small investment first. I decided to go to the local drugstore and look at their offerings. 
I wanted a tracker that would be a good pedometer,  keep goals, show progress and be a real watch.  The LifeTrak Core C200 Fitness Tracker provided all of those features in a simple wrist watch design.  Overall it does an excellent job for the price (39.95 mrsp)  It is accurate,  lightweight and the simple control work well.  The heart rate monitor is difficult to use, especially during a workout.  Sweat seems to make it not read the pulse.  Other features that would make it better would be connectivity with peripherals such as a phone or computer.  Daily numbers must be written down or they are lost,  however there is a weekly day to day graph available. 
I feel that this product would be a good entry device that would be worth the investment, as long as it motivates you off the couch into activities.

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