Friday, September 11, 2015

Potential - So very important

In my last post,  I stated that the word potential was removed from the proposed LCD DME guidelines. It is my belief that removing that word will also remove the motivation for improvement in a large number of amputees.  Since insurance companies  tend to mimic Medicare,  the proposed changes will make it much harder for some amputees to obtain the best in prosthetic care. 

I found this video that shows what happens when people underestimate those with disabilities.  It is in Portuguese, but has subtitles. It makes me smile every time iIwatch it. 

As most of my readers know I want to get a solid foot that will allow me to run,  walk,  hike, and play golf.  While my prosthetist wants me to get a C-blade,  I have a different idea.  Below are two feet that iIam considering.  Ability Dynamics Rush foot,  and Ottobock's Triton.  Both are amazing feet. I will be exploring all of the options and working with my prosthetist on obtaining one to test. Please,  if you know something about these feet,  drop me a line.  My twitter handle is @zenshai. 

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