Monday, October 12, 2015

Annoyance of a loose socket.

Honestly, I haven't posted for a while for a reason. I got approved to get a high impact foot. I was expecting to be able to wait and post about it, but the process of getting the new socket and waiting on the delivery of the new foot has been long and rather annoying. One thing I have learned is that the first socket I was given only lasted about 3 months. My residual limb had shrunk so much that I was having to wear upwards of 20 to 25 ply of socking just to keep it on my leg.

To put that into perspective for our two-legged friends, that is kind of like someone who normally wears a size 7 running shoe trying to wear a size 13. It can be done, if you wear enough socks. I believe that if you tried it, you wouldn't be very comfortable walking, let alone trying to run. You might even wind up injuring yourself. Right now, if I were to remove the socking I can put my leg on and spin it freely 360 degrees. It feels sloppy and I am bottoming out almost every step I take.This gets painful, not a sharp stabbing pain, but a long deep muscle soreness. For some amputees, fitting a new socket is a difficult process, I am really hoping that this will not be the case for me. I may have been really lucky in the original fitting, but I only had a little problem with the actual scar tissue right where the bottom of my tibia pushed against the front of the socket. with a little adjusting, the irritation went away and I healed up within a week. But I have heard some real horror stories from some of my friends. One especially had some real trouble with finding someone that could fit him properly. He pushed his leg so far that it was always misshapen when he was attempting to get it scanned, then when the test socket came, he couldn't fit it.

We finally got to the point that my doctor approved the new socket. I went to get scanned, the process took almost two weeks since the local clinic is very busy. Two weeks more to get the test socket ready, and it fit like a glove. I was super excited, but now had to wait again for them to actually build the new socket. During this period of time, I was also approved to get the high impact foot, so we have been waiting to get everything properly approved and in place. I have decided to go with the Rush™ Foot, for a few good reasons: 1 they were very active and answered many of my question quickly and personally. 2 they offered a 60 day free trial of the foot. All that being said, Ottobock offered a similar deal on their Titan foot and ankle, but I am really looking for something that is closer to an actual running blade. I should be getting the new socket and foot tomorrow. There is a possibility that the foot won't be here yet, and I may need to wait a few days to get it, but I am going to get it. I promise to write a review on it after I get some real experience with it.

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