Thursday, January 4, 2018

2 1/2 years on the Rush™ 87 foot

As I wrote in my first review of the Rush™ Foot (Early impressions of the RUSH™ Foot ) that a good review requires experience with a product. I had only had my Rush™ 87 for about a week when I wrote the original review. I was really impressed with it right from the beginning.

Now I have 2 and a half full years of working with the Rush 87. Doing every activity that I used to prior to my amputation, and more. The question is: How is it holding up? My answer: Amazingly well.

The basic foot, blade and return heel are all just perfect. The yellow color had darkened a bit but even the stickers and branding look brand new.The performance of the foot itself has been amazing. The return feels very much like my OEM foot. The flexibility of the ankle may be a little stiff at times especially when I step on a dog toy or some other unexpected object, but when I know the ground is a little rough I know to allow for that. The foot is waterproof and has been to pool almost every warm day.

My major complaint in the foot was that it has no way to get foot rotation. Rush has introduced a new product that allows for that in the Rush Rogue™. My plan is to push for this foot at my next upgrade. Apparently you cannot use the Rogue collar on the Rush™ 87

Now for the one thing that I feel could be improved... The foot shell. The color is cadaverous. The blade will wear through the bottom of the shell fairly quickly. I always wear some sort of foot wear (sandals when possible, Merrell loafers and hiking boot depending on what it is that I am doing. I even wear my Columbia outdoor waterproof sandals on my feet when I get in the pool. So this foot shell has not been walked on hard surfaces ... ever. Yet it wore through in the first 6 to 8 months. The cut in the bottom does not affect its overall performance, and overall it does hold my shoes on admirably.

Another complaint is that the shell is considered a medical device, so I cannot order one on my own. My insurance will not cover a new shell, so I have to pay the cost out of pocket. No surprise there. I just don't understand why I cannot order it directly from Rush. I have been buying shoes for myself for 50 years, and understand that I need to order the right size/ Is the issue that I would need my prostesitist to install it? I take my shell off and clean my foot almost every week. Silly rules I think.

My overall impression of the Rush 87™ foot is that it is an amazing piece of machinery. I have been able to return to a full life, hiking, biking, fishing and generally having a great time, As you can see from my blog and my twitter feed. The Rush™ 87 has made me as close to whole as is possible. I absolutely love this foot. I can't wait to try the Rush Rogue™ when I get a new foot... Maybe it will fix my golf swing!!

Thank you Ability Dynamics for this amazing product! 87! All the way!

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